I’ll Run Until the Sun Goes Down by David Sandum


Written by PresidentELLA

Davide Sandum’s memoir, I’ll Run Until the Sun Goes Down, helps illustrate the indescribable feelings of depression and anxiety. In the middle of trying to be success, Sandum is overcome by pressure that no one around him seems to understand. Because I’ve never experienced these feelings to the extent David did, it had been difficult for me to understand anxiety. Reading this book helped me understand how anxiety builds and how to interact with people around me who may have anxiety. I find this not only to be an incredible tale of strength, but a brave step towards mental health awareness.

David finds his solace in paintings, teaching himself to pain along the way. He connects to artists like Monet who may have been depressed when he drew The Scream. As David learns about people with depression and anxiety, the reader is educated right along with him. Art can be an amazing source of healing as you find the medium meant for you. This story taught me to take it easy… I learned that live is, inevitably tough, and I need to give myself the space and time to get through it all. We are our own toughest critics and we can convince ourselves that the pressure is too much. This story also made me feel for those people who can’t seem to hear the other voice in their heads that’s supposed to be telling them to keep trying and push on. 

Inspiration drips from these pages. You can visit David’s site to see his paintings; I am completely warmed by the pictures of couples, hoping they are a reflection of him. Share this FREE KINDLE BOOK with someone you think might benefit. Or pick it up for yourself and get a chance to see through a new set of eyes. 


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