The #Petersyn Sutton Tartan Maxi Dress


Written by PresidentELLA

I got this Petersyn dress from RentTheRunway. The Sutton Tartan Maxi Dress is perfect for cold weather, so I wore it to work. The long sleeves were fantastic for the weather but mostly because the cuffs were amazing, The asymmetrical cut on the sleeves somewhat mimicked the cut of the hem, which is short on the left and long on the right.  Most of the Petersyn clothing I’ve seen features plaid patterns and lots of ruffles. I love the composed, classy feel of the clothing while the ruffles give the strong plaid patterns much needed femininity. 

 Use my RENTTHERUNWAY CODE for $30 your rental purchase!  or (Since I work for Saks) browse to see what we have for purchase. 

Inspired by the European travels of the “All-American Girl,” New York-based label – Petersyn – is redefining “Preppy Chic”The tightly edited first collection focuses on casual textiles such as plaid, cotton, and stripes. Classic Menswear fabrics are reimagined into sharply constructed garments with exaggerated silhouettes and detailed finishing.

Petersyn’s range of tops, bottoms and simple dresses marry classic Americana style with European flare to present a sexier, more polished version of pretty-meets-proper.

– Simon Showroom

Blue version available @ HARRODS

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