All Natural Oil for Hair, Face & More!

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Written by PresidentElla

Made from nothing but seed oils, MONAT ‘s Rejuveniqe oil is my new favorite everything. It’s a hot oil treatment, face primer, moisturizer, hair finishing oil, and infuser for everything, even dried mascara!

This miracle oil, as I like to call it, is the basic ingredient of all MONAT products. The combination of 11+ seed oils form a natural blend that is super moisturizing but ultra light and the smell is lovely.

I mostly use the oil as a Leave-in and Anti-Frizz treatment. I apply it to my damp hair before drying or setting. Then, I use it as a protector/shine agent when I flat iron. & I must say I love it.

Being able to use the treatment on my hair and face has an amazing benefit: less break outs! The products at my hair line aren’t fighting anymore, now that I can use the same exact product. I don’t have to worry about washing my hands after touching my hair.

My favorite new use has been to rejuvenate my mascara. While MONAT sells its own mascara, I added a few drops of my Revujeniqe oil to my almost dried mascara and it works good as new! 

You might have noticed I’ve really taken to this MONAT stuff. Belle really put me on with a sample pack and once I saw the growth in my hair, I had to have more. I signed up as a Market Partner with the $99 sample pack, so that I could try a few of the products, before I purchased anything full size. 
And they have an amazing money back guarantee.  Not to forget, I have the opportunity to make a few bucks, just by showing you all how much I love my hair! 

When you sign up for MONAT, you have a few options to get he best deal or start off on a new journey [ towards Long Hair, Money Longer]. I’m happy to help you pick the best route for you. It’s always a great time to join MONAT (the will sometimes send you a free gift! See below!)

Send me an email at if you’re interested in a sample pack! 



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