Don’t be like Kevin Spacey.


Written by PresidentELLA

How confusing is this Kevin Spacey mess? Unfortunately, it seems way too straight forward that he may be something of a sexual predator. According to whatever I’ve read on CNN about Mr. Spacey, one story opened the flood gates to a bunch more people coming forward to corroborate the stories. I want to be sad for Spacey… but I, too, think I’m more angry…

Now, I feel a bit of the initial disgust at him “coming out” at the same time as apologizing for his incident with Anthony Rapp. It’s saddest to me that it seems like he became a “predator” because he couldn’t be his true self. I pity anyone who feels that they can’t be who they really are. I pity the people they hurt by keeping secrets as well. Unfortunately, we are people are not corporations. While Netfilx can simply cut ties, I feel most for the people who Spacey made feel uncomfortable and felt they couldn’t say anything because Kevin Spacey was the star and executive producer of the show we all know of, even if we didn’t watch it, House of Cards.

For anyone else who feels like they can’t be who they really are… please… be you. I’m very sure it’s easier said that done, but here is an example of how terrible the outcome can be when people have secrets. Eventually… all things come to light, we are all susceptible life. I know, I’m naive and I might be more accepting than the general public, but it’s a better time now that it was. I hope people are beginning to feel like they don’t have to hide themselves. Secrets are like acid and they will burn right through you from the inside out. 

Just my thoughts… and what I’m feeling at the time… 

How do you feel about this mess?

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