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Written by Brittany Shanwté

Here we have Atlanta-based neo-soul artist Nisan Joseph! Raised in Houston, TX, the artist revealed that he was brought up by traditional parents, who raised him on timeless gospel and old-school R&B, which eventually influenced his own sound and lyrics. Nisan actually didn’t start singing until he was a senior in high school after he was forced into choir as an elective. “It was pretty much fate, or in God’s plan, that I got into music,” he said. Currently, the singer is finishing up a chemistry degree at Clark Atlanta University, and is signed with Loud N Klear Entertainment, balancing school and music. Though Nisan admits that he has a love of science, he plans to focus completely on music after graduation.

In discussing classic R&B music, Nisan also opened up about the state of R&B music today. “It’s in an interesting place where I think we’re slowing finding a balance,” he said, stating that just a few years ago, we were hearing a lot of the same sounds. Now, Nisan believes that we’re getting back to real music with substance. He cited artists like Bryson Tiller, who is not traditional R&B but, with his “trap soul,” develops honest and vulnerable music that others can relate to. Other artists that Nisan is inspired by include D’Angelo, John Legend, Musiq Soulchild, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, and Jazmine Sullivan.

With his debut single, “All Night,” Nisan showcases his own soulful R&B sound, giving listeners a classic track to enjoy. At the time, Nisan was doing a lot of writing about heartbreak and relationship issues. “My manager put a little bug in my ear, saying that I needed to switch it up. I didn’t have a love song [yet],” he admitted. Inspired by one of his favorite R&B albums of all time, Usher’s Confessions, the singer wrote the love song that was current but “true to lyricism and metaphors,” working with producer Tedy P. Check out the music video for the track below! 

Currently, Nisan is working on his full debut project, putting in serious work in the studio with his production team. “We’re really creating a great sound and putting together solid records that are real, that are relatable, that are fun, and that are musically and sonically solid,” he said. Nisan revealed that the project will give a modern R&B feel and should be released around late summer or fall, with the singer focusing on putting out a quality project that listeners will gravitate to. In addition to this project, Nisan is writing songs for other artists as well. He is also creating a mixtape of remixes to continue to build up his fanbase.

In terms of what makes him stand apart from other artists, Nisan credits his amazing team that works alongside him. “I’ve been very blessed to be surrounded by amazing people that work just as hard as I do in really making sure that I become a success,” he stated. “At the end of the day, it’s not so much the skill that separates you from everybody else. It’s really about the work ethic and the people that you have supporting you.” In the future, Nisan hopes continue singing and performing, and hopes to earn awards for his work. However, he plans to retire as a songwriter creating classic music, which means more to him than being an artist or celebrity. “As long as I can live comfortably using the gifts God gave me, I think that’s considered success for me,” Nisan said. 

You can check out more from Nisan on his SoundCloud and YouTube. You can also connect with him on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!  

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