May 21 – June 20

Versatile | Collaborative | Fast Thinker

Get the crew together and do what you do, but put it to work. What are your friends good at? Find something you all like to do together, but can grow from. Even if you don’t enjoy something they like, you’ll be able to find your own wave. 

You can come off as…

Unstable | Easily Bored | Selfish

Do what suits you, but try to take part in things others like to do as well. Even if you have other interests, showing your interest in what they like practically acts as insurance. Someone like you probably splits their time amongst a lot of activities or people. It’s hard for someone who doesn’t like change or who doesn’t have a big group of friends to understand that. So make sure that when you spend time, you spend quality time. Do something they like to do; go out of your way even if only once.  

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