Freudian by @DanielCaesar



Written by PresidentELLA

I first saw Daniel Caesar in the sky. His massive, solo billboard by 14th street in NYC is awe inspiring as he appears like a giant looking off into the distance. I wasn’t expecting to see a handsome brother up so high as soon as I came off of the train, but here he was. That’s a sad joke, but I do love to support brown faces in music (judge me). Since I had never heard of Daniel, and he has such a beautiful name, I decided to type him into my Apple and am very happy with the findings. I’ve been waiting on some good R&B. 

The Candaian singer-songwriter has released his first studio album, Freudian and it is as smooth as we need and want it to be, complete with duets with female vocalists so that the ladies can find their voice next to Caesar’s.  

In stories about love and searching, we hear of Caesar’s wins and losses in love.  “If you love won’t you say something,” he begs in the beautiful song, “Best Part” featuring H.E.R . The emotions continue on high throughout the rest of the album. “You are the reason, the reason I sing. I have to preserve you ’cause you’re my everything…” he begins the very last song, “Freudian” which details the confusing, juxtaposed feelings we feel in that thing called “love” in any relationship. “My mind feel strange mama, but I feel the same. I feel ashamed when I’m face to face with my faith,” he divulges. He gives us more than he bargains for with a bonus track after a few moments of silence at the end of “Freudian”. The ending forces us to end questioning everything as Caesar talks about human sacrifice and consequences. 

Definitely going to check out his two previous EP’s (Praise Break and Pilgrim’s Paradise) because I love to get as full an experience of an artist as I can. I turned down the T.V. for this… I really hope you enjoy as much as I do. 

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