Vic Mensa – The Autobiography

Written by PresidentELLA

I admittedly buy into most things Jay-Z promotes because I’m rarely disappointed; I’m adding Vic Mensa to the list. Roc Nation’s Chicago representative is helping bring soul back to rap. His aptly titled project, The Autobiography, is heavy in storytelling and rhythmic aerobics. The sound Opening with proclamations of his success, the first track, “Say I Didn’t” is easily one of my favorite tracks because it just oozes with pride as we hear Mensa maturing with each bar, explaining how he “used to rock the wife beater like Baby Boy/ and now [he’s] suit and tied up without a day in court.” I love to hear a brother progress. 

The album continues to Memories on 47th Street detailing a story of his home life and Homewrecker follows up as he shares his POV in a relationship gone wrong. There is intriguing content in this audio-biography because we get Mensa’s feelings and reasonings — right or wrong. For example, he called his ex a “homewrecker” because she literally wrecked the house after she caught him in the house with another woman… I enjoy Mensa, not because he’s taught me something new, or I think he’s the man… but because of his truth. I admire him for putting his story on wax and sharing it with the world. This is definitely a story of a young man with ambition deeper than his pockets. I’m looking forward to seeing what he comes with next. 

Check out the album out; definitely worth the listen! A few of his official videos are below for your viewing and listening pleasure 😉 

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