Burger + Lobster – NYC


Written by PresidentElla

Got a recommendation from a friend & decided to check out Burger & Lobster on 19th street in NYC for date night. We weren’t disappointed. 

Seating & food come fast. This is the perfect place to go before a movie or a show because you’re in and out. I was only expecting that because I was told they serve you fast, but there are tons of people in there, so the service time is impressive.  

We each ordered the “Combo for 1” which includes a burger, lobster, fries & a salad for $33. You’re not getting a huge Maine lobster, but the taste is good, especially for the price. The burger was tasty as well. Oh! They have this butter sauce which I think tastes good on everything. Definitely had my fries all in that. The drinks were on the mark; I had something with mint in it like a mojito which was stronger than I anticipated. He had something with strawberry (I think?) & that was amazing!

The whole meal came out to a little over $100 including drinks & tips. I’d do it again 😉 



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