French, Alternative Artist: @TaliscoMusic

Written by Brittany Shawnté

Music piqued Talisco’s his interest at a young age, listening to his grandmother, who was Spanish, sing a lot, and Spanish music became his first inspiration. “I think it’s in my blood,” Talisco said of music in general.  By 11, he had a guitar and by 13, he composed my first song. As he went on to create a career for himself, he found other instruments to get into as well. “I like tinkering with sounds,” the artist admitted, also getting into producing. In terms of his unique stage name, Talisco revealed that he took the name to “pay tribute to someone who mattered to me.”

Making his debut in 2013 as an artist, Talisco has earned over 20 million streams on Spotify with his debut album Run featuring the tracks “Your Wish” and “The Keys.” What’s cooler is that “Your Wish” has been used for campaigns worldwide by such brands as Google, HBO Europe, Vice US, Vodafone Ireland and AT&T! So he’s definitely out here doing big things!

Inspired by many artists from different genres, Talisco named Beck as one that stands out to him. “[He’s] an authentic artist for me. A real artisan, who is able to compose with very little things,” the producer mentioned. “Also, Damon Albarn with the crazy Gorillaz project.” It can be said that Talisco is also an authentic artist himself, staying true to who he is and giving honest emotion in his music! One of his latest songs, “Stay,” reflects that, as . “Stay” talks about the last day, the one we dread. The last goodbye, the last kiss, the last breath, the last look,” Talisco said of the track. “ It is a tribute to all these strong moments that we leave but remains forever in our memories.” Watch the video for “Stay” below!

Talisco released his sophomore album, Capitol Vision, on January 27, 2017. The album follows his own crazy experiences over the past three years, including touring, people he met during his stay, wild parties, and more. “Capitol Vision… it’s image, like the best or the crazy point of view that you can have on your own life,” Talisco stated. “I wanted to have an album with authenticity, emotion and novelty with a personal subject.” He also added that the album is “physical, emotional and raw. {It’s] not easy to put this album in a box.”

On top of that, with his own studio and instruments, Talisco is working on different projects, including a hip hop-indie project and a music video. “Music is my passion, I love to create. I love challenges,” he admitted. In the future he hopes to continue to create music for other artists and possibly movies and more! He’s definitely been doing well so far, so his unique sound will definitely continue to grow.

You can check out more from Talisco on his social media below!


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