@VeraBradley’S Blogger + THE BRAND Event by #OmbreDigital

Written by @PresidentELLA

The one thing a blogger dreams of is a personal invite. Vera Bradley’s Blogger & The Brand event, organized by Ombre Digital, instantly sounded like something I couldn’t bare to miss. So when I completely forgot, and my calendar alerted me that I had 45 minutes to get to 411 Broadway, I put on my running shoes. 


“Do you have an RSVP?” she asked. Dressed in all black, they guy and gal at the door were encouraging the excited bloggers to check-in before they rushed to the champagne. 

“Um… I have this email…” I said, swiping through my phone, trying to remember which of my alter-egos had accepted the invite.

“Sorry, she’s next,” the lady-body guard stopped another patron trying to squeeze by. She was truly on her job. and I can’t explain how much I love order and process. Additionally, this truly added a layer of exclusivity to the event which I truly appreciated. The room was buzzing behind them and I couldn’t wait to get in.

I held up my phone so that they could see my  email said, “Katie invited me.”  The gatekeepers glanced at each other and, after a quick shrug, stepped aside and let me in. I have to admit, I was terribly afraid of being turned away at the door but Katie at Ombre Digital was my key in. I appreciated the theme of this “Blogger + The Brand” event because it truly highlighted bloggers as the most important contributors. All bloggers have is personal experience & I believe a great company/brand understands that the feeling your associates or company gives off will attach itself to your product or brand. Reflecting on last night’s event, there were a few things (aside from the bags and champagne) that made me love Vera’s spring resort collection of bags. 

Vera Bradley’s spring resort collection is vibrant and comfortable (as was the blogger event). The SoHo store was covered in the classic paisley patterns we love Vera for in just about every shape. I was particularly impressed by the travel luggage featuring rolling bags with hard bottoms and bags that had compartments for just about everything. Keeping to their promise to honor the individuality of every women from their #ItsGoodToBeAGirl campaign there were also some very classy options in black, brown or leathers. I think the Vera Bradley team did an amazing job on reinventing the hardware on the simple bags, to give them a special touch – timeless, collection if you ask me.

“Giving” feels quite synonymous with the emotions Vera Bradley emits. Yes, I may have been influenced by the free champagne and cupcakes, but truly I love the durability and usefulness the products provide. If you aren’t in the market for a bag, Vera Bradley’s luggage tags, travel cases or stationary would make great gifts for just about any occasion; not only are the colors fun, but the prices are too! Some of the ID cases and lanyards start at $12, making them great stocking stuffers or gifts for co-workers. The stationary is super cute; you can get a notebook and matching pencil for $8 🙂  The signature travel duffle bags ($85) could fit your entire world, or you can have a separate bag for your make up and another for your brushes and luggage tags for each, if your heart desires. You can have a weightless duffle, or a true solid suitcase. It felt li, if I looked at any product and thought, ” it would be cool if…” the next bag gave me the “if” I was looking for. 

Overall, the Vera Bradley was a solid event and this is a solid collection. Very pleased 🙂 I’ll be holding onto my coupons! See you soon!



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