Pop and R&B Singer: @IamJulianeMusic

Written by Brittany Shawnté

From birth, the Montreal-based pop/R&B singer, Juliane, has always been surrounded by music and the arts, so it’s no surprise that she eventually went into music herself. “My parents are music lovers, and they introduced me to so many genres,” Juliane disclosed. “My mind has always been filled with different types of music but I’ve always been very attracted to pop-soul and R&B music.”

Some of the artists Juliane draws inspiration from include top artists that we still love to jam to—Toni Braxton, Destiny’s Child, Janet Jackson, TLC, among others who shined in R&B in the 90’s. “[It’s] the vibe, the sounds, the groove, the harmonies…there’s something very simple and cliché about 90’s R&B but so real at the same time,” she stated. “It makes me feel something and that’s good music does. It makes you feel.” She also has love for the late, great Michael Jackson, who inspired her to want to perform in the first place. “I discovered Michael at a very early age and seeing him perform at the Super Bowl in 1993 made me want to be a singer and performer,” the singer said.

The singer also credits her hometown of Montreal (an amazing city to visit, by the way!) for inspiring her sound. “Montreal has a mix of European and American vibes,” she said of her city, calling it both classic and urban. “It reminds me a lot of NYC, with a French/Latin touch. It’s very simple and has a lot of beautiful hidden treasures and talents. I think my sound and lyrics are like that too – urban chic, simple with hidden treasures.”  Juliane realized that music was what she wanted to do with her life after a label approached her with a deal when she was 15. “Unfortunately, I had to refuse their offer but I knew I was made for music and that waiting for the right team would pay off.” And it did! In October 2015, Juliane dropped her debut, self-titled EP, which she says is the introduction of who she is as an artists and a person to the world! “These are the sounds I love and create and this is who I am as a person. Sweet and friendly, a dreamer, but a real go-getter and not afraid to fight for what I want and believe,” she said.

Though she loves all of the tracks on the EP, one of her favorites is “Reach The Stars,” which she calls her “little R&B jam.” However, overall, she hopes as listeners hear the EP that they feel good and confident about themselves. I hope I can inspire them to work hard, go after their dreams & make a difference,” she said.

Check out one of the tracks, “Look At My Baby,” from the EP (Juliane’s debut project is available now on iTunesGoogle Play, and other digital outlets)!

In terms of what sets Juliane apart from the pack, she believes that it’s her “French touch,” but also her authenticity. “I do what I love and I’m transparent,” she said. “I have my little light to offer to the world and that makes me bring something new to the table.” The singer has big dreams for her career in the future! She hopes to tour, keep releasing new music, do some great collabs and maybe even write for other artists. She also would like to create her own clothing line! With her talent, she could definitely make it happen! 

Currently, Juliane is working on new music to be released this year, and performing in more shows. So check out her socials below to stay up to date with all she has going on!

Official Website: www.julianemusic.com  
Facebook: facebook.com/julianemusiq
SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/iamjulianemusic  
Instagram: instagram.com/iamjulianemusic
YouTube: youtube.com/iamjulianemusic

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