Alternative Singer & Songwriter: @IamKinney / @KinneyMusic

Written by Brittany Shawnté

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Today, we have singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Kinney! Hailing from Annapolis, MD (DMV heyyy!), she spent a lot of time outside along the Chesapeake Bay, camping, sailing and playing. However, Kinney also has been performing her entire life. She started out as an acrobatic dancer, and went onto musical theater afterwards. She wrote poetry and music as well, but kept quiet about it for a long time. “It wasn’t until I was in a rock and roll show in Las Vegas with a bunch of incredible rock musicians from some iconic bands of the 70’s and 80’s that I made the decision to dive in deep and really give music a go,” Kinney said. “I was surrounded by people who had lived and breathed music their entire lives and I realized there is nothing else I could do that would fill my spirit in the same way.” Calling music a “universal language,” Kinney plans to use her music to bring about positive change!

Influenced by artists like Joni Mitchell, Melanie, Cat Stevens, the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, Kinney’s sound creatively mixes soul and folk, “I am a flower child at heart and love how inextricably linked that era of music was with the political movement of the times. It felt so rich with purpose and meaning,” she stated. I think there is a huge movement of artists nowadays who are trying to do the same thing and I’m excited and constantly inspired to be a part of it.” Kinney creatively combines elements of fashion, art, and global musicality into her music, even incorporating Acroyoga and acrobatics into her live shows (she’s  a certified Vinyasa Yoga teacher!). Kinney is also inspired by her mom, who runs a homeless shelter in her community. “Her work in the world is one of my biggest influences,” the artist revealed. “She makes the world a little bit better everyday and I strive to have my music do the same thing.”

Moving out to L.A. to further her career, Kinney has released her debut single, “Soul” for listeners! She was actually initially inspired by an ex-boyfriend, who had his ex’s name tatted across his knuckles, which bothered her a bit. “He was a musician and I had to watch him play with her name every night,” she revealed. “I’m a bit sentimental and it felt symbolically like she still had ownership over his artistic decisions.” The singer soon saw a more broader message behind the situation, explaining about the track:

 “The song became a mantra of sorts to remind myself and others of the importance of diving in and figuring out what the root of your intentions are behind every action. With the power of the corporate media we have been led to believe a lot of things that are not truth. I think its exciting with the overwhelming growth of social media, how we can take back some of that control simply by consciously deciding what we choose to click on and share. Our hands have  a lot of power these days, the power to touch and heal, the power to create and share or the power to weave deception. Soul is just a little reminder that we have always have a choice to do good.”

Check out the music video “Soul” below!

Currently, Kinney is working on an electronic project with her friend and DJ, Morillo. In fact, the pair has released a track a while back called “Lost The Moon!”  “It’s got some fun, ‘summery’ surf vibes,” the artist said of the song. In addition, she’s also working on her live show, which is always on her mind. “I am constantly thinking about how to integrate more exciting acrobatics and visuals to make the experience epic,” Kinny revealed.

So what sets her apart from other artists? Obviously, her musicality and live performances could be a point of reference, but Kinney stated that it’s more than that. “I think I am a different from a lot of artists today because I am whole heartedly trying to let my mission statement for positive change drive my career,” she said. “I think the time of idolizing fame without any depth or contribution needs to come to an end. Artists and influencers can be the super heroes of these trying global times but they need to step up and take on the responsibility as leaders and conduits of change.” TRUTH. It’s always good to see an artist using her voice for others. 

In the future, Kinney hopes to continue to perform all around the globe, “spreading a message of love and unity.” She also said, “I also hope to align myself with other artists on a similar mission. By working together,  we can make powerful expressions to help shake up this industry and breathe life into the artistic and meaningful core.”

Check out Kinney’s social media links below!


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