Weekend in Chicago

Written by PresidentELLA

I absolutely ADORE Chicago; it’s like a clean New York City! I’ve been twice. The first time, my mother and I joined my sister on a work trip, but this time, I was accompanying someone to be on Judge Mathis because they were getting sued. (Y’all like the ratchet truth or naw?) Although the show paid for the flights, tickets to Chicago from NYC are surprisingly cheap (about $50 each way on Southwest if you book enough in advance) and the flight is 2 hours, but there’s a time change that I can’t quite recall. I think it’s an hour backwards, so you gain an hour when you leave NYC. At any rate, not only is the city clean but the food is AMAZING. 

They put us up in the ACME Hotel which was very comfortable & decorated with music memorabilia. 

My favorite breakfast at YOLK was. was great; the place is super busy but the vibe is very fun and the food is great, they also have outdoor seating, if you happen to go on a nice day. We ate breakfast at Eggsperience another day & that was very inexpensive and felt like a family diner, which is much more my vibe.  For dinner, we had a gift card to the Weber Grill and the steak was as great as it should be. we also had a deep dish pizza, and I don’t even know exactly where, but YOU NEED ONE. 

We did quite a bit of sight seeing. We made it to the Jordan statue at the United Center, but my favorite place was definitely the Ravina Park, where they have this outdoor concert venue that is to die for. I snuck on stage & took pictures because… goals? duh. I was also able to find a few record stores and pick up some vinyls, which made my life complete. 

I know I haven’t seen the real Chicago, but I’m glad I got to see the beautiful parts of it. It amazes me that beautiful places can also be the most dangerous/neglected. Places like these cater to tourists and forget (or hide) the people in their own backyards. At any rate, I can’t wait to get back to Chi-Town ❤ 


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