Actress & Entrepreneur: @MzGeorgio

Written by Brittany Shawnté

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Today, we have actress and entrepreneur Georgina Opoku!

This young woman right here is more of a Renaissance woman in my opinion…she does so much! She’s the co-star of the YouTube series Quarter Water Juices, getting her PhD, starting her own business, and, most importantly, she’s doing all this while being a mom! We got a chance to touch on all this and more in her interview….check it out below!

As a kid, Georgina got her start in acting through plays at church and school, as well as puppet shows. As she got older she would go on to participate in dinner theatre, and, her personal favorite, the Vagina Monologues (Side note: I’ve seen her in both in college!).

Now, Georgina has taken her career to another notch with her role in Quarter Water Juices!The actress plays Capulet, a role she snagged after she was featured in a music video and the director reached out to her about the series. “We had a meeting and talked about the project and two years later, here we are,” she said. Originally announced about a year ago, the show went through some revamps as the crew gained more ideas and had a change of perspective in order to make the show better. The major factor for the amount of time it took she said was time management with coordinating schedules for everyone. Georgina even admitted that her schedule is so busy that she has to carve out time and plan her naps!

Speaking on her character Capulet, Georgina described her as “the innocent one.”  “Capulet is the one who’s afraid of love but wants it exactly how she daydreams. She’s mildly adventurous, direct and very curious about her the world around,” the actress revealed. “She’s pretty quiet and introvert[ed] from being sheltered which is opposite of who I am, so it’s nice to see the contrast.”

Check out a taste of Quarter Water Juices below…

In addition to acting and also dancing, Georgina works as a brand ambassador for different companies, which she admits has helped develop her sense of personality as well as showcase herself.  She also used the opportunity to develop her idea for her own company, OPOKU, making creations with African fabrics for people to showcase at home.  

When asked about her motivation and inspiration to keep working as much as she does, she gives credit to her daughter. “She makes what I think is stress look easy,” the entrepreneur said. She also draws motivation  from her own hood in Cincinnati, good food with an artistic twist, the issues in third world countries, and her own culture. “Being “black” and Ghanaian alone inspires me daily to showcase to the world how proud I am to be me,” Georgina divulged. 

With career plans that include more acting and the official launch of her company, Georgina is also working on obtaining her PhD. She enjoys creating a fun road map to accomplishing the releases of all the concepts and ideas she has. Ultimately, one of Geogina’s major goals is to give back to people that look like her specifically, “You only go as far as the people you see. who look like you in the positions you never thought was possible,” she said.

With so much going on in her life, we here at The Spotlight are definitely rooting for you to succeed Georgina!

Three Albums/Artists Currently In Georgina’s Rotation (“These are songs from my latest car ride!” she said)

  •  BJ the Chicago Kid – “Turning Me Up ” (“Just a daily car jam songs for me cause I LOVE HIM!”)
  • Mila J – “Kickin’ Back” (“She took one of my favorite oldies and put an nice spin to it that I can relate to. I also like her voice it has edge to it.”)
  • Sia – “The Greatest” (“My daughter dances and this is one of her songs from her recital we left on the playlist. I like it!”)

Follow Georgina On Social Media:

Instagram – MzGeorgiO

Facebook – Georgina Opoku

LinkedIn – Georgina Opoku

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