Writer & Empowerment Advocate: @MzDeeVa4you

Written by Brittany Shawnté

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Today, we have writer Dee “Mz DeeVa” Shields! Raised in the live music capital of the world, Austin, Texas, Dee was born into a family of musicians and writers. “I took on more of the skill of writing, alongside a deep love and appreciation of music from many genres,” the writer stated.  Dee graduated in 2000 from Austin Business College with a degree in Administrative Specialization, but went on to study Social Work and Psychology at Central Texas College and the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor. She is also set to receive her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix this spring, and will continue on to receive her masters and eventually doctorate in the field.

In the midst of her studies, Dee went on to develop and grow with her writing over the years.  Inspired by Pastor Joel Osteen , Iyanla Vanzant, and Terry McMillan, and using her own knowledge and experiences, she has been able to write several self-published books to help others. Her first project was her own memoir, Great Sex Is Not Love, which was released in 2011. “I wanted my future readers to know my personal life story before any other project,” Dee said of her memoir.

Dee has gone on to write several self-help books surrounding love, heartbreak, forgiveness, and other topics for readers. “I see so many suffer behind broken hearts and struggle at finding a sense of normalcy when their world is turned upside down by heartbreak, that I knew I could relate and had some strategies that worked for me that the world of the broken hearted needed to hear,” the author said of her desire to help others with her words.

Her most recent book, Reasons He Dates Plus-Size,  was released in August 2015, and is the start of a new series for Dee. “With the ‘Reasons’ series I plan to touch a variety of dating topics,” she said. Inspired from a topic on her Battle of the Sexes web radio show, the author dives into why men from all walks of life gravitate towards plus-size women. “I know now, after experiencing some years in a plus body, the type of games certain types play,” Dee said. “I wanted to highlight it in a published project that could be shared to prevent another lady from the games that are played out there.”  Currently, Dee is working on the next book in the “Reasons” series—Reasons She is Obsessive Over a Man.

In terms of what sets her apart from other writers, Dee believes that her combined education and experiences make her stand out. “My personal experiences, along with my psychology studies, give me a positive edge to relate to my readers and what they, or a friend, may be going through at the time,” she said. In the future, Dee hopes to expand to hosting seminars, men and women’s empowerment retreats and other speaking engagements where she can get more of her advice out to the masses!

You can check out Dee’s various works on Amazon! Also, be sure to connect with her on Twitter

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