@SerenaWilliams wins Wimbeldon 2016 Singles

Written by President Ella

I woke up this morning to Ms. Serena Williams kicking ass in London. Due to the madness in the U.S., I’m feeling very black girl magic and we could use a little good news, so forgive my bias excitement. I was so proud to see her win her 22nd major title with her family and friends cheering from the stands. Especially after watching her vs Chistina McHale where she lost her temper and threw her racket, hitting a camera man behind her. Especially because I don’t honestly watch tennis like that & the last time I saw Serena , she was twerking for Beyoncé. So… I was real critical of her from behind my TV screen that day. I know that the Williams sisters have always been known for their passion, but Black girls in sea of pale faces are always seen –we’re hard to miss so our actions always ring a little bit louder. When I saw Serena  throw her racket, it honestly scared me because of what they might think of her… but I’m glad that Serena is the courage and strength that Beyhive saw and enlisted for a quick twerk 😉 I’m glad that she has the power to be both angry and happy outloud. I love humanity because I love the resilience it requires. I love the ability we have to power through the worst if our hearts are in it. I also love how we can inspire people by just being ourselves. I don’t think Serena thought tennis would get her in a music video, but it did. She doesn’t know that her grand collapse after defeating Angelique Keber inspired me to rise, but it has.  

Congrats, Serena… Actually, thank you.

& go ‘head Black Girl Magic ❤ 

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