Journalist & Media Strategist: @basquiatlxents aka Jason Bourne

Written by President Ella

I have the honor to introduce the infamous BasquaitXLents AKA Jason Bourne to you! This guy is important because he’s already in your inbox sending you press releases and we all need to know how he got there. I came across his namea few times in the past but figured I’d never truly run into him, but that’s not exactly God’s plan. Via Lizzy Chanel and Str8fromDaGutta (correct me if I’m wrong) we were introduced to each other (on the internet, of course). When Jason reached out to me, I accepted the conversation as I would any other blogger hoping to join this team; I explained that this magazine is my heart and anyone who contributes is assigned only one task: act from the heart.

Almost exactly two months after Jason reached out to me, here is me introducing him so he can introduce himself (video below!). Without searching, I’ve seen his name appear across my timeline and I see the hard work he’s putting in and that’s what I admire most. The most important thing about the posts on this blog are the actions they describe. I hope to add his work to JWWWD Magazine because he is experienced, respected and deserving. These are characteristics I’d like to help put a spotlight on. I initially thought I wanted only women to contribute to this blog, but as the world turns and I continue to grow, I see such a benefit in the contributions from our male counterparts. Just know one thing: I’m not changing my pink hyperlinks. Yet.  (-_-)

Stay tuned, he’s a great mind to pick from & you’ll start seeing posts from his POV soon.  


One thought on “Journalist & Media Strategist: @basquiatlxents aka Jason Bourne

  1. I really appreciate this post and the opportunity to join the team….looking forward to contributing and sharing ideas, thoughts and overall support


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