@Myze_ – Singer, Songwriter & Producer

Written by Brittany Shawnté 

Another spotlight to start the week, and there are definitely quite a few more on the way!

Today, the spotlight is on rising singer, producer, engineer AND rapper Myze! Hailing from Chattanooga, TN, he was raised in the church and grew up on gospel and Christian rock music. began dabbling in music during his junior year of high school, working on production just as a hobby. During his senior year in 2013, Myze produced a track for one of his cousins, which sparked his interest “It just felt really good to hear someone else’s voice on something I did,” the artist admitted. “From that point on, I just learned how to produce for myself.” 

In our interview, Myze shared the short and sweet story of how he came up with his artist name. “It’s actually kind of a corny story, but I like it,” he laughed. With his light brown eye color, he used to get a lot of compliments on his eyes when he was younger. “One day, I was just sitting in my bedroom, and just thinking ‘What really made me growing up?” he said of coming up with his artist name. “I put [the phrase] ‘My eyes’ together and made Myze.”

Inspired by Timbaland, Aaliyah, Gucci Mane, Drake, and more, Myze creates his own unique style of music that hails from his versatile tastes in genres. “I know the music I want to hear and, to do that, I just figure if I create my own music, write my own songs, and produce, I can put my whole mind out there, and I don’t have to depend on anyone else,” he revealed. 

Back in October 2015, the artist dropped his project, Please Don’t Listen. The title was, in a sense, reverse psychology, as Myze used the phrase “Please, Don’t Listen,” to spark curiosity for listeners. “When we were kids, you always did things you were told not to do,” the artist said, hoping that the title would get people to actually listen to his work. Be sure to cop the project on iTunes now! 

This year, Myze introduced his series, #MyzeMondays, releasing not only new music, but art, t-shirts, etc., anything to engage people. One of the most recent tracks he dropped, “Amy,” which was inspired by rapper Logic’s track “Nikki,” which actually spoke about nicotine. “It just sounds like he’s talking to a woman, and it makes you feel like there’s a relationship going on,” Myze stated. “You get so wrapped up into the song that you actually forget you’re listening to a song about cigarettes.” Incorporating that feel into song, he gave life to his love of Amsterdam Vodka (which he calls Amy), and he talks about his experience with liquor on the track. Check out “Amy” below! 

A multi-talented artist, Myze literally writes, produces, engineers, and performs his work on his own, which he admits can be a struggle for him in terms of balance, but he is able to buckle down and get the work done. “Most people just do one thing, like just produce or just write. I do everything for myself top to bottom,” Myze said. “Some days, I dedicate time to engineering, some days producing. Some days I take the time out to contact people and try to get engineering spots or producing placements here and there.” 

Currently, the artist is not in a rush to create another project, instead focusing on building with people and creating a solid fan base, rather than putting out too much music. In terms of what sets him apart from other artists, Myze believes it’s his go-with-the-flow attitude in terms of creating music that makes him stand out. “Whatever I feel, I’m going to create. I create music because I enjoy it, and because I know it He also wears all of the hats in his career from the music side to the public relations and management sides, so he’s definitely on the grind! 

You can check out more from Myze on SoundCloud, and follow him on Twitterand Instagram!


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