Indie Pop Artist: @BittersKiss

Written by Brittany Shawnté

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Today, we have indie pop singer/songwriter, Chloe Baker, better known as Bitter’s Kiss! Hailing from New Jersey, Chloe grew up in a musical family and got the bug when she was really young. “I grew up around instruments and have been singing ever since I was really little,” she said, also stating that she loved writing and musical theater as well. “This love of writing and singing meant making music from as young as I can remember.” With a recording studio in her family home, Chloe’s father eventually allowed her to record her first original song when he though she was old enough.

Growing up in a diverse area, the singer was inspired by people of different races and socioeconomic status, but also acknowledged her parents helped to mold her and her music as well. “My parents gave me a lot of freedom to make my own choices growing up and I think that has helped me mature and grow as a person as well,” Chloe stated. She also has developed her own eclectic style of music due to the variety of music she grew up listening to, from rap to country music. “I think whether it is rap, country, rock, or pop music, the music that inspires me is the music that sends a message and has meaning behind it,” she said. “Some artists that I think do this are The Beatles, Carole King, and N.W.A.”

Chloe admitted that it was always her dream to make music a full-time career, though she wasn’t sure if it would be a stable occupation for her. “Once I put my songs on SoundCloud and got a great response, it showed me that I do have a shot at doing this as a career and I decided it was what I was going to do,” she admitted. She chose to the name “Bitter’s Kiss,” for her artist name after recording her first album, deciding that the name fit her music well. “Like my music, it is a name that can represent that good things exist within bad ones and vice versa,” Chloe revealed. “Also, since I was just starting out and wasn’t sure what direction my music would take, I wanted to classify myself as a project. Bitter’s Kiss started as a project name that has now stuck as my artist name.”

In her career thus far, Chloe has garnered attention all over the globe, creating powerful songs dealing with love, religion, suicide, etc. Her most recent track, “No One Will,” is a song discussing trust issues in relationships, one that Chloe believes is not against love, but shows the downside of love. “It is basically saying that even though it is sad not [to] be loved, not loving protects you from being hurt,” she admitted. “The inspiration for this song comes from the stories about love hurting people both physically and emotionally that I hear about and witness all the time.” 

Check out the video for the track below! 

Currently, the artist is working on a new EP as well as some new EDM music! She is also planning to do more live shows this coming summer as well as continue to work towards becoming a better artist. In terms of what separates her from the back, she believes it’s her personality and messages that shines through her music. “I think that my sound is very raw because I am not trying to be anyone else but myself,” Chloe said. “I am not afraid to get messages across and discuss issues often ignored. I take certain situations and show a different side of them. Mostly, I think a lot of people today get caught up in the glitz and glam of stardom and I am just in it because of my love for music.” 

In the future, Chloe wants to be touring, building up her fan base, and connecting with more people all over the world as Bitter’s Kiss. She would also love to collaborate with some of her favorite artists like John Legend and Kendrick Lamar. “I am trying to take things day by day and make the best decisions to better my chances of reaching these goals,” Chloe stated.

You can check out more from Chloe as Bitter’s Kiss on her official website and SoundCloud. You can also connect with her on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

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