#BALLIN4PEACE – Celebrity Charity Events

Written by @PresidentElla

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 4.05.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2016-03-16 at 4.05.05 PM.png

The Annual BALLIN4PEACE basketball game is building itself to be something all New Yorkers, youth and experienced alike, look forward to as an opportunity to share positive vibes and give back to the community. In his anniversary of the event, the founder of the event, H2O, combined his passions as a coach, basketball player, Queens native and entrepreneur to create an event where the youth can participate in organized sports as well as perform their music, dance or… whatever  the desire is. 

Littered with celebrities, the game’s sells affordably priced tickets via plethora os sponsorships and has no trouble packing a gymnasium.  A variety of media outlets are present for the event  and the day begins with youth games and while celebrities are given interviews upon arrival. The mixture of people creates an atmosphere of excitement for the locals and provides and back-home feeling for New York based artists like Lil Mama and Mack Wilds  and (too many others to name but S/O  UNI G & Cartier who snapped a pic with me & always show me so much love) interact with their peers, as well as with young people who admire them. I always champion events like these where people get to be people and simply… hang out. 

The only pressure in the building is only on the court. H2O’s professional background lends him to pick teams that’ll put on a show. Although I missed most of the game this time around, the reel below will show you the real 😉

The really, really real is that there is an amazing vibe when you walk through the doors – I felt the same last year. I got my media bracelet with no trouble, and when I’m not greedily forced to come out of my pocket, I’ll give whatever is in them for a cause. Good vibes beget good vibes *shrugs*  It is quite impressive, honorable ad commendable to witness young people coordinate a very successful event all in the name of peace, two years in a row. The peace has extended to flag football and bowling as well and are a wonderful alternative to spending every day and night in a night club (or is it just me?). I think its admirable that H2O has dedicated himself to a project like this and I’ll continue to support year over year.

See you at the next on & check out the vid below : )

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