@RockTheStageConcert hosted by @LuxuryChanel, Press by @DaMatrixStudios

myself & @thereallizzychanel  founder of the ROCK THE STAGE concerts. myself & @thereallizzychanel  founder of the ROCK THE STAGE concerts. 

myself & @thereallizzychanel  founder of the ROCK THE STAGE concerts. 

Written by @PresidentElla

         Herself being the heart of Harlem, Lizzy Chanel hosts her annual Rock The Stage Concert to showcase the up and coming artists she believes in. I came in as a +1 for Damatrix Studios and while I love to cover music industry events, there’s almost nothing I want more than to grab the mic myself. The only thing that can soothe me in these moments is pure appreciation; Lizzy Chanel is a hell of a lady & she picks a hell of a line up and I had nothing but respect for her & everyone who graced the stage. 

As an artist, I must admit that concerts and shows end up feeling a bit of the same after a while, but The Rock the Stage concert provided not only what an artist would expect, but what they deserve. Having invited Damatrix Studios to do press (and myself by default), she gave us a table with a great view of the stage and a few bottles of champagne 😉 While DJ Martian worked the 1s & 2s, the Luxury Chanel team passed out finger foods and drinks with ExclusivVodka, another official sponsor of the night. With the madness that takes place with any event,  the ordinary person might get flustered or overwhelmed, but Lizzy walked the room with grace. She made sure to tend to each of her guests and I could see her simply tap people and “Are you enjoying yourself?”. This is the most important part of an event – it’s not just what you get, but how you feel

“Who’s she?” I asked, because I like to watch and see who’s in charge. “That’s  Lizzy . She did all this,” Nita told me and maaannnn do I love a bossy lady. Since the show, I’ve had the honor of hanging with Lizzy a few more times and have only gained respect and admiration for her. Everyone I meet and mention  Lizzy to tells me she’s a business woman and holds her to high esteem. She has a humble demeanor and a deserving spirit. Not only would I be grateful to rock the stage for Luxury Chanel, but I would attend any of their events because I know the vibe is going to be dope. Additionally, she looks out for the ladies and had a few female rappers in the line up doing their thing: S/O Lady Meka, SheRealTalk and Queen Dayona

You can check out the video and photos below & get the vibes for yourself. Please check out the captions under the photos and network, I’ve tried to add everyone’s links 😉 

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