Fashion Designer: Patch Adamms for @iSEENthos Clothing

Written by ELLA   

  Patch Adamms exudes an air of bold and brilliant confidence –both the designer and the line. The ready-to-wear collection, ISEENTHOS is fun, testing unexpected combinations of textures, colors and patterns. The end product is always a fearless, unique product –Adamms rarely makes anything two of a kind and the collection is full of unique creations. The men’s and women’s clothing pair perfectly, but stand confidently on their own. The line includes everything from shoes and hats to shorts, skirts, tops and sweaters –even kids! Patch Adamms will feature dresses for the ladies, suits and bow ties for the men.

        The designer held a fashion show at Magnet Lounge, debuting all of his collections to date. Patch Adamms, as the designer and his Black Label collection will be known here forward, describes his work as “unique, bold, witty and eye-catching.” The description barely captures the charismatic personality and individual beauty each piece carries, transferring that energy right onto the models as they drip confidence down the runway.  For the ladies, Adamms provides an extensive collection emitting a sexy, street look for… chicks like me. These are things you can wear anytime. If you wear them anytime, you’ll probably be doper than the average, but the pieces are so impressive on their own, you’d want to purchase one of his blazers as your everyday anyway. The jacket with the leopard/zebra sleeves was my favorite piece this time around.   

         Confidence should be bottled and sold. I was blessed enough to touch the mic for Adamms. There were entertainers booked to perform during the models’ changes, providing a keen mix of art and keeping the crowd entertained. I’d walked for Adamms in another fashion show (READ POST HERE) and I was impressed with him then. Afterwards, unexpectedly, he came out to see me perform at the Paul Robeson one night. I’m not a new artist, but I’m new publicly. I get nervoud on stage, but I try to fight it off as often as I can. As frightened as I always am to hit the stage, I actually find my most strength in the support of those there to support me. I adore Adamms because he keeps family close to him, but I am sure he’ll treat you as family if you do the same. (I asked for a hat to wear during my performance and got Calvin Klein concealer all over it (I need to look into something new smh) & for too many reasons, he told me to keep it. I’ve never bought anything from Adamms, but because of his true dedication and kind persona, I intend to. His clothing is dope, but it’s so much doper because it’s his.  Focused on his craft, he has an effective team behind him, but Adamms is undoubtedly in charge of his craft. Seemingly undisturbed, he was brilliant host for the evening –both greeting attendees and attending to his models and staff. The leadership Adamms portray does not escape his art.   



Thank you again, Sir Adamms. Always a pleasure to be in the building with ya.

 For more information or to shop the collection, please visit


All photos credit to Fox Hutson

Designer, Patch Adamms & friend at Magnet Lounge Fashion Show. 3.1.13Designer, Patch Adamms & friend at Magnet Lounge Fashion Show. 3.1.13

Designer, Patch Adamms & friend at Magnet Lounge Fashion Show. 3.1.13


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