#NowListeningTo “The Mad Ones” by @madelinefuhrman

Written by Brittany Shawnté

Check out the latest track from singer/songwriter Madeline, entitled, “The Mad Ones!”

Originally released on July 18, 2015, the unique track serves as inspiration to the innovative dreamers out there that may be seen as weird or insane simply because of their thought process or work. Madeline admits that she is a “mad one” herself, but doesn’t particularly care what anyone may think of her. “I’m a rarity, straight mastermind…I find clarity in me, myself, and I,” Madeline sings on the track. “They swore I was crazy, but they’re just scared. I’ve earned my degree in not afraid to fail, cuz I’m not afraid to fail.” 

You can purchase the song now on iTunes! You can check out more from Madeline on her official website and SoundCloud, as well as connect with her on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram

Check out the track below!

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