Quick Smoothie Recipe

Written by @PresidentElla

I hate  mornings, but I love breakfast food. Unfortunately, I rarely have enough time to make breakfast. Sometimes, I don’t even have enough time to leave my desk to get lunch. As I’m rolling off the complaints, lunch in Rockerfeller Center in NYC is no less than $10 — for the cheap stuff. After getting my Ninja, I fell in love. My smoothie takes me 3 minutes to make, and helps me through the whole day. It’s a great in curving your appetite if you’re on a diet or a snacker like myself.  Here are my steps: 

1. A few spoonfuls of yogurt –  this gives you a smoothie consistency, instead of it being a liquid shake. I also always put the in first so that I can fit the rest fo the ingredients, and it’s less messy than adding later. 

2. Fruits of your choice:

Im a fan of Bananas, so I usually put it 1/2. Bananas. If you don’t eat bananas right away, you can peel them and freeze them in a ziplock bag, and they freeze just fine.  My mom taught me that 😉 

Frozen BerriesTarget sells a huge frozen fruit bag for $10.99 which has strawberries, blueberries peaches and a bunch of other stuff. You can also buy the fruit separately if you want to make different flavors to switch it up. I’m cool with the same flavor all the time, but variety is necessary for some folks. I recommend buying frozen fruit because it’ll just last you longer. Fresh fruit tends to spoil on me fairly fast. Also, it helps the smoothie stay cold on my commute to work and alleviates the need to add ice…. which is just water, ya know 😉 

3. Instant Oatmeal or Granola – this give you the thickness of an actual meal. I like to add the oatmeal so that I’m actually full after I finish my smoothie. I feel like it makes it more substantial, especially if you’re using this in placement of a meal. 

4. Teaspoon of vanilla – if you’re into that. My mom brought some back from the Domnican Republic, so I add it every time. 

5. Sugar – to your taste. I use brown or raw sugar. 

6. Chocolate Chips (semi sweet morsels) really add a kick. It turns my meal into a snack! I have a sweet tooth so, I do this to stop myself form eating candy all day (oh, to be a kid again!!!) 

Then put that baby in the blender and go! The only issue with a my Ninja blender, is that the travel tops don’t travel well -_- So I leave the blade locked in until I get to work and switch covers then. 

and that’s my smoothie! 

Eat well, live happy 🙂 

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