Dinner at @TheKegSteakhouse – Toronto, CA

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Written by @PresidentElla

After getting caught in the rain, Damien and I stumbled upon The Keg.  As I sat looking for 800 numbers to cancel my lost credit cards, all I really wanted was a nice dinner. I shifted my Google focus to finding out where I could get a well made steak. The Keg is said to be busiest on Sundays, and it open at 4pm. The reviews all talk about how great the food is, but they don’t do the vibe of the place justice. One review said that it’s tough to get a table, but perhaps we went on a good night. We were greeted and asked if we wanted to sit in the dining room (formal) the bar (casual) or the lounge (cozy). We picked the lounge which had low lighting and couches for seating. The place was lively and buzzing with conversation but not too loud. The plates are decently priced, and fairly cheap after converting into Canadian currency.  If you’re in Toronto and have no real direction, the Keg is a sure place. 



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