@FearlessWomen Mondays at @theatticnyc

 Written by Ella

         The Fearless Radio team has a great Monday after work set up at The Attic and I’m definitely a fan after my first time. The day I joined was hosted by Sue, representing for the Fearless Women at Da Matrix Studio Network. The venue is on the rooftop on the corner of W48 & 8th. I had been there once before for a viewing and the place was as cute as I remember it. There is ample seating both indoor and outdoor and plenty of space to get your groove on. Oh, and the bathrooms are clean lol. They actually have these palm tree skylights that made me consider staying a while. Most importantly, the DJ definitely did his job. I haven’t danced like that in a while & not just because of the music, but because of peaceful strangers. I love ladies who aren’t afraid to get up and share the dance floor. 

For an NYC venue, this is a great location. It’s not far from the subway and there was plenty parking when I made my way over. They also let you have a great time at the bar by taking it easy on the door fees: Ladies are free before 8 and $5 afterward. Fellas are free before 8pm as well, but $10 afterwards. 

Hope to see you there or just read about it next time 😉

 You can also tune into the Fearless Radio Show on DamatrixStudioNetworks.com by using your TuneIn app or by clicking right here every Saturday from 3-4pm. 


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