@QOTRing Battle at BBKings NYC

Written by @PresidentElla

       I watched my first Queen of the Ring  battle while Glama and Mel  from Doghouse Radio covered the event for DaMatrix Studios . The battle session was held at the legendary BB King and hosted by Babs Bunny & Vague. I’ve watched videos on Youtube, but there’s nothing like being ring-side to watch. The only thing that was better than just getting into the building, was being backstage. It’s where the real show happens. 

I’m not a battle rapper myself & I don’t think I could handle having someone scream in my face & come for my life in public so often (while keeping my hands to myself). The ladies, though, were extremely cordial to another when the mic weren’t in their hands.They seemed to get along well & community is always  beautiful thing everywhere it occurs. It was a great time with a great vibe. 4 of the 5 scheduled battles took place (which you can watch on their youtube channel because they sure barked on anybody with a phone out. 

I got mines, though 😉

First, Don Ladii and Casey Jay squared off. Casey has bars, but Don has some real sass in her delivery and I enjoyed her wit.  

Shooney Da Rapper and Melato Black went toe to toe, next. These ladies were disrespectful lol. Battle rap is really something else and these two did some fine writing and were great at keeping their composure.

E Hart and C3 went head to head and this was my favorite battle, no disrespect to  the rest. I just think they flowed hard and I enjoyed the talent & swagger of them both. I’d seen E Hart on youtube once before and she has an almost flawless delivery; every bar was smooth, G. I believed every word and that’s what always gets my attention from any artist: I have to believe you. C3, though has serious passion and her pen does some real work; her rhymes and verses were clever and well structured. & check out,  Babs Bunny – This is where she switched up from the dress to the 1’s with the fitted cap. I love every diva ❤

Bonnie Godiva and 40 B.A.R.R.S faced DNA and K-Shine in the final battle of the night and the battle of the sexes is as real as it has ever been. The fellas were funny and disrespectful. The ladies were mean and disrespectful. I think they both did their parts and also did their reminded me why I want no parts of battle rap. lol


Check them all out & visit the  youtube  to see if the video is up 😉 



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