@IAmVivianGreen Album Release Party

Written by @PresidentElla      

     Vivian Green (along with Storm PR) celebrated the release of the singer’s 5th studio album in NYC’s Studio XXI. This being my first encounter with the R&B singer, I suppose I was also people watching as I did my listing. As an artist myself, I find the most interest in understand what the artist has decided to do for this “release party” and how they interact with fans. It really allows you to see the artist in their environment and get a feel for them as a person. 

It was a low-key event but the place was full of vibrant folks and beautiful vibes. (I even walked into @MsOliviaGilmore looking amazing!!) When I walked in, VIVID was playing beautifully in the background. Vivian really does have a beautiful voice which was great for setting the easy scene, encouraging you groove every once in a while. DJ Olivia Dope  (@OliviaDope_) was in the building to play dope tunes when VIVID wasn’t on. I appreciated the female DJ thing; I believe women are unstoppable when we truly team up. 

     Vivian is a bundle of power and beauty. Her team encouraged participation by giving out gift bags to those who purchased or pre-ordered her album. I thought that was brilliant. Give to get, get to give.  After we took a photo with her, I waited to get my one-on-one. If Vivian wasn’t such a sweet spirit, I might have been irritated to wait for her to finish talking to the other women about their man troubles — but her spirit inspired mine. I thought it was amazing that she was connecting with people about their personal lives, she was being their friend. Watching that interaction made me like Vivian more than anything ever has or will. Since I did purchase the album and listen, I thoroughly enjoyed her music, but it’s her vibe I fell in love with. 

Stay tuned to Brittany’s work here & on TheSpotlightOnline, she might have a review for you soon 😉 

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