Alternative Artist: @GraphGonzales

Written by Brittany Shawnté

      Hailing from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Krista Gonzales, known professionally as Graph Gonzales, became interested in music as a teenager, listening to hip hop and eventually recorded herself for fun. “It was probably what I spent most of my time doing as an individual, writing verses and recording them,” Graph said. “It was kind of a natural thing that happened.” The city of Toronto, Graph noted, has a very eclectic sound that she’s really inspired by, including great alternative and avant-garde rock music that influenced her sound a bit.

As a teen, she had a little nickname that a friend gave her—“Graph,” because her voice was “thin and airy, like spray pain coming out of a can,” she joked. However, that’s what she eventually went by professionally, adding on her last name Gonzales, after a suggestion by Pharrell Williams later on in life. Graph began working with various groups in Toronto and New York, building up experience by consistently working in the studio. Through hard work, she has collaborated with Pharrell and Chad Hugo of the Neptunes, Talib Kweli, Clipse, and more, just to name a few.

Graph has branched off on her own, developing her own music, which blends pop, rock, and rap. Her most recent track is the hot and bold “Heartbreaker!” The song was inspired by fellow Canadian artist Feist’s “I Feel It All, which has a line that Graph herself really connected to—“I’ll be the one to break my heart / I’ll be the one to hold the gun.” “That became a model for me in my life when I heard that song and that lyric,” she said. “That’s the way I want to live. That’s the way I want to love. I’ll be the one to break my heart. No one else.” The song, while still fun and upbeat, is also very bold and comes from a feministic approach, purposely done by Graph. Many times a “heartbreaker,” is seen as being a guy hurting a girl, but she wanted to do it from a female perspective. Check out the video for the song below!

Just from speaking with her, I see Graph truly has a strong vision for her music and career, and has a bright future ahead of her. Currently, she’s in the studio, constantly working on music, though keeping her plans on the low for now. I’m excited to see what new projects she brings to the table!

You can check out more of her music on SoundCloud and YouTube, and connect with her onTwitter and Instagram!

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