Lifestyle Brand: @PurityWStyle (Washington, D.C.)

Written by Brittany Shawnté

 I had the opportunity to go to a launch of a new lifestyle brand, Purity With Style! Created by Danielle Stradford (who happens to be my little sister’s best friend’s sister…that made sense right?), the brand, obviously by the title, encourages purity and abstinence, as Danielle is a Christian and has rededicated herself to remaining pure. The brand goes beyond “preaching” abstinence as some may think, but focuses on purity as a true lifestyle, branching out into all areas from relationships to fitness and health to fashion!

After talking more with her, I found out that Danielle grew up in a Christian home, and her parents were abstinent until they were married. Danielle, however, decided to set her own rules in life and at 17, gave up on purity. At age 24, she decided to rededicated herself to God and the lifestyle she now promotes. “I really noticed that I wanted to make some positive changes in my life,” she said. “I knew that I had to make some drastic changes from the lifestyle that I had been leading.” Danielle came up with the idea of Purity With Style about two and a half years ago. What started out as a book club with a few of her friends about positivity and purity has grown into a real movement that has branched out to girls and guys dedicated to not only being pure, but maintaining positivity in their lives.

Stressing that purity can be bold, sexy, chic, and trendsetting, Danielle truly believes in the vision of her brand, and that the lifestyle covers everything beyond just the physical. “Purity is a lifestyle that doesn’t just impact your sex life,” Danielle noted at the launch. “It impacts every single area [of your life], and it can really transform your life into something great.” It instills the importance of individuality, yet still focusing on maintaining your standards and values. “We’re really excited to bring all different types of people, all different types of cultures, and just to really change the world with this thing!” Danielle said.

The launch party was held at The Loft in NW Washington D.C., right across from the Verizon Center! It was a great space, not too big or too small. Really intimate, and perfect for the party! Complete with showcases from other vendors, gift bags for guests, giveaways, mocktails, cupcakes from scratch from Cupcake Lovin’ (Danielle’s own sister Danae’s small business!) and a fashion show, this party was so much fun! It was great to mingle, and connect with some other folks in media, as well as inspirational speakers, make up artists, and just some really nice folks supporting Danielle and her brand!

Purity With Style also has a really hot t-shirt line, which Danielle and her team promoted at the party as models (including my sister Alexis!) strutted into the party looking gorgeous and so confident! The products PWS offers will officially be available when the brand’s website launches in about two weeks on September 1, so be on the lookout!

Check out more from Danielle and Purity With Style on their official website, which again, is being rebuilt to launch September 1, as well as FacebookTwitter, and Instagram!

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