Band: @Villainettes

Written by Brittany Shawnté

More spotlights to come as we end the summer (is it me or has Summer 2014 FLOWN by?)! Today on The Spotlight, we have Villainettes, hailing from Melbourne, Australia (one of my favorite places in the world, for good reason! Check out my somewhat embarrassing yet fun blog on my experience a few years back).

The band recently came together in 2013, said to be born “amidst the ashes of three totally diverse bands.” Through friendships and professional connections, Villainettes were born! Vocalist and guitarist Michael Lindquist had begun to write, focused on some of his own personal life events, which helped to shape the band and their sound.

Michael soon partnered with friend and guitarist, Jonathan Reisacher, to develop and record a few demo at Red Door Sounds, with producer and friend Paul “Woody” Annison, where the first EP was recorded. The line up was completed after Francis White joined the band on drums (Michael and Francis had played together previously), and Joshua Dawes joined on bass (Michael had met Joshua at the studio while Joshua was recording with another band). “The desire to want to play together came from not so much like minded tastes in music but in likeminded minds in wanting to achieve a collaborative distinct sound we are all proud of,” the band said in our interview.

The Villainettes’ sound has been described as “dark, erotic pop,” somewhat strange and gloomy, but yet still full of life and liveliness. Overall, these members have managed to come together and create a sound for themselves that works for them. Hailing from Melbourne, the band definitely is in the midst of a heavy musical culture. “The music scene here is very diverse, but holds quiet true to a very European influence,” they said.

Currently, the band is putting their finishing touches on their self-titled EP, which is set to be released in full later this year. Some of the music is available now on SoundCloud and Spotify, so be sure to check that out! You can also watch their music video for acclaimed track, “Diamonds,” directed by Bianca Miliani, below! 

In addition to their EP, the band is consistently writing and recording new music to build a debut album, as well as touring throughout Australia, with plans to hit the States towards the end of the year! In the future, the Villainettes hope to “be bigger than the Beatles,” but, most importantly, to have their music hit a global scale, while still maintaining creative control and artistic integrity.

You can get more info about the Villainettes on their official website, as well as connect with them on Facebook and Twitter!

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