Diana Ross Performs at the Montreal International Jazz Festival (July 4, 2014)

Written by Brittany Shawnté

I have to admit, I’ve been busy enjoying life this month, taking some time away from both work and the blog, relaxing, going to Montreal, checking out some concerts, and visiting family. Though it probably seems bad professionally, personally I’m quite okay with that. All work and absolutely no play will drive you to a whole other level of crazy, so July really was/is the month to take some time out for me and regroup. I definitely have some new personal and career ideas in motion, though!

While most of you were off enjoying the fireworks and partying on Fourth of July weekend, I took a trip with my best friend and her sorority sister to Montreal, Quebec, Canada!!! From July 3-7, the city hosted the annual Montreal International Jazz Festival, bringing over local and international artists to perform throughout the city! It was really cool to experience another country and culture, and I hope to take a major trip every year outside of the U.S.!

Diana Ross was set to perform July 3-4 at the Place Des Arts, just a few blocks from our hotel, so my bestie snagged us tickets! It was AMAZING to be in the audience as a TRUE legend performed! And, of course, I got some video!

Now we were high up in the balcony, so there was only so much even my incredible Sony Cybershot could do in terms of zoom. However, for where I was, I will definitely take this video! Regardless, the concert was so much fun, and, like I said, I saw a LEGEND perform! I will remember that for life. Ms. Ross had so much energy and really put on a show, and everyone loved it. We danced and sang (I apologize in advance if you hear me on the video!), and left feeling great.

Check out some video of the performance below!
(0:00-1:13 “Intro/Baby Love”

1:13-4:04 “The Boss”

4:04-7:30 “Upside Down”

7:30-8:51 “Ease On Down The Road”

8:51-14:44 “Don’t Explain (Billie Holiday Cover)”


14:44-21:25 “I Will Survive (Finale)”)

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