Breakfast for Busy Grown-Ups

Written by ELLA

      I know breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but who has the time for that? Pam wrote a great article on “Why Breakfast is Really for Champions” that has practically changed my life, so I try my hardest to follow her advice and get a morning meal in. I’m my ideal world, I’d get up and whip some eggs or pancakes with real, live bacon, but I barely have time to get dressed. Either I take forever to get ready in the morning, or the clock actually ticks faster. Since I typically roll out of of bed to walk Duchess, and there’s no telling how long she’ll want to roll around in the grass before she decides on a place to do her business, I need to find easy ways to make my breakfast to bring it to work and eat it at my desk. 

     My default breakfast is a homemade parfait (fancy for “yogurt” with fruit). At any breakfast spot, you might pay $6- $10 for a yogurt with fresh fruit. When we rush through the morning, it costs you on the flip side. Instead, I stock up at Target on frozen fruits and Danon’s 32oz Vanilla yogurt. Then, freedom reigns and I put as much yogurt and fruit as I want in a Ball Mason Jar. You can customize to your taste and have different flavors of yogurt or fresh fruits. I prefer frozen fruit becuase they thaw on my way to work, keeping the yogurt cool during the commute. I pack the granola in a ziplock and add it later, so that it doesn’t get soggy. 

        Ball Mason Jars hold up phenomenally. The glass is hard to break unless you throw it around, but the definitely won’t leak in your bag/purse.  I’m not a big morning eater, so I eat half one day, and leave the the other half at work for the next day.  This is also a great breakfast for any ladies who live with their boyfriends and typically pack them lunch in embarrassing pink tupperware (guilty).  

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