Brazilian Singer: @NataliaDamini

Written by Brittany Shawnté

Working hard to feature a few different artists this week! As always, if you or someone you know, is an upcoming artist, producer, actor, etc., and are interested in a feature, please email me!

Today on The Spotlight, we have Brazilian singer Natalia Damini! This upcoming star has had her sights on music since she was only five years old. “I remember when I was singing, imagining a crowd of fans in front of me. That was so fun!” she said. “ I have been dreaming [about] this my whole life.” When she was 17, she met a DJ that was looking for a singer to put on his record. He only had music, and not any lyrics, so Natalia wrote the track, which became her first single “Feelin’ The Love.” “The people liked it and the DJs started sharing the song all over the country and outside, I had a demand for shows and that’s how everything started,” the singer said. Natalia eventually left home for Sao Paulo alone, touring around Brazil to pursue her dream.

Inspired by legendary artists like Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Madonna, and Britney Spears, Natalia uses her music to truly express herself. “My songs are about my personal feelings, my experiences in life and my friends’ experiences too. I write about things that people can relate to,” the singer said. Throughout her career so far, the 22-year-old has toured all over Brazil, including in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and several other big cities. She collaborated with Lil Wayne and Rezzo on Rezzo’s song, “Can’t Stop Me,” as well, which happened because of her team Concore Entertainment and Charve The Don, along with Cash Money. “I was very excited to do that because Lil Wayne is one of my favorite rappers,” Natalia said of the track. “So when I got the record, I wrote my part. Lil Wayne and Cash Money loved the record.” She went on to say: “The lyrics of the song [are] very personal. You can’t let nobody stop you or stop your dreams, and sometimes the dreams might be everything you have.”

Most currently, Natalia has dropped her debut album, Beautifulwhich was released in January 2014. The album, which reached #16 on iTunes Pop Music charts, features collabs from Nicki MinajGucci Mane, the Shop Boyz, and more! “The basic concept of the album is about not outer beauty, but about being and feeling beautiful inside,” the singer said of the album. “We wanted to put a variety of music that everyone can relate to with great melodies and nice choruses.” Natalia said.

Already, the singer is working on a new album, which will be released later this year. She’s also working on a feature with Dream Kayris, and she will also be featured on the cover of Mr. Dreamz Magazine in their next issue. In terms of what separates her from other artists right now, the singer feels that her music and performances stand out the most. “I bring to [audiences] that energy they never felt before,” she said. Natalia wants her music to inspire and motivate people to reach their dreams, just like she is. In terms of her career, she is grateful to God for the success that she is having right now. “I feel very grateful that my music is so widely accepted, especially for being the first artist from Brazil having a major impact in America,” the singer said. In the future, she wants to tour worldwide in arenas and do great things to help people. Definitely a talented artist to be on the lookout for!

You can connect with Natalia on FacebookTwitterInstagramYouTube and SoundCloud!

Interview courtesy of Jeffrey Pollack/Thoroplated Productions and Charve the Don

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