“Here on Earth” by Alice Hoffman

Written by ELLA

         This passionate and painful love story by Alice Hoffman begs us to turn the next page just like the characters beg for each other’s love. The tale gives so many examples of love and lies and the things they can do to your soul. We get a view into various character’s points of views in their own relationships, while they judge the relationships of others. This book asks one question from cover to cover – what are you willing to do for love?

       March Murray has always been in love with Hollis and probably always will be. She had spent so many nights looking out of her window waiting for his return, she should have known how much it would hurt to love him again. Even though she’s married and a mother, Hollis has a hold on March that many women can understand – the thought of “what if” that causes you to try things you shouldn’t. Hoping to regain what she thought she lost, March falls for Hollis and starts living the painful secrets everyone in the town whisper about. Although she sees him differently than anyone else every has, Hollis is an example of what happens when a person doesn’t learn to love themselves – they destroy everyone they come in contact with. 

It’s a great and quick read. Purchase the book on Amazon by clicking this link 🙂 


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