Producer/Songwriter: @MellowDramus

Written by ELLA

 I’ve got this beat from Mellow Dramus I’m working on and I couldn’t be more excited. First and foremost, the instrumental is so fire, I can’t even give you a sample 🙂 

     Secondly, Mellow’s a chick. I’ve been looking for original beats for a long time (and it’ll continue to take me a long time) and I’ve just wanted to have a deep connection to the track and the person creating it. The fact that she’s a female (and so fcking talented) makes me want to support everything she does. She’s a producer/songwriter based out of Boston, but I met her in Brooklyn. She’s working on a few different projects/books so that the proceeds will help support inner-city youth to express themselves through music and the arts. That, to me, is beautiful. There’s no limits with this lady.

      The instrumental she blessed me with is called “Go” and isn’t on her soundcloud, but I’ve already got the video idea down… I’ve just got to put my pen to paper and decide what I really want to say. This being my first original beat, I plan to take my time. I’m not going to force myself to create garbage because of anyone else’s timeline. It’s a tough world in MusicLand, but I’m really excited to making something that both Mellow and I will be proud of… and be able to rock out to. Stay Tuned, ya’ll. Meanwhile, check out her soundcloud, her music is the truth.

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