@KimKardashian on balancing life with perfect poise.

Written by Ella

        What we seem to notice first are all the curves on this girl. Woman, excuse me. Fitted in a glorious Balmain dress for the MailOnline party in France, Kim was the Cannes Lions festival. Although Mr. West wasn’t by her side at the event, her conversation never failed to keep him in mind. Various media outlets had a chance to chat with Mrs. Kardashian-West who’s commentary always followed along the same lines, “when you have a baby…so many other things don’t matter that really mattered before… All of your priorities change.” 

       Kim always presents herself with a beautifully quiet air about her which, in my opinion, is her greatest strength. She’s been the topic of conversation of so many tabloids as well as the target of so much public hatred, but she seems to always keep her cool.  Sometimes,I feel like one of the only Kim Kardashian fans in the world and every time I hear Kim speak (or read an article) I become more and more fond of her. She doesn’t seem to place so much emphasis on the world, rather always focuses on herself and her family. I think that many women can learn from Kim. She’s not pretentious and focused on random things… she doesn’t care. I think this makes some people consider her unintelligent, but I think she doesn’t waste her time on nonsense (although men can trip up even the most brilliant women, let’s be honest). I admire Kim because if she’s not promoting or planning some business venture…she just chills and looks great doing it. 

Go head, Kim Xo

Video & Images from MailOnline.com

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