@AngieMartinez resigns from @Hot97!

Written by Ella 

    A legend has left New York’s Hot97. I’ve always admired Angie, as she’s been a role model for all women in Hip-Hop. She’s one of the most highly respected radio hosts I can recall, and her interviews are always insightful and genuine. As a (borderline obsessed) Jay-Z fan, she’s the only person I’ve trusted to give me honest information, providing artists with a comfortable and non-judgmental space to clear the air. Her instragram is light on the solo-selfies but littered with celebrities. Still, she’s always seemed to maintain a humble attitude. To me, Angie is something like an Oprah or Diane Sawyer. Few people can address such highly regarded celebrities and remain their humanity.

        Few women can also walk the same circle as rappers and not drown in the drama. Another beautiful part of Angie is her involvement in her industry. She made her rhyming debut in 1997 with  KRS-One and now has two albums under her belt.  Animal House was definitely a problem and is the root of most of my respect for her. I wonder, can we get another one?

      While I wonder what her next steps will be, I’m very excited for her and only expect the best. What do you do when you leave Hot 97, the hottest radio station in all the land? Change your instagram name, for starters. lol. But I do wonder what the motives were. While it doesn’t seem there are any negative feelings, I wonder if Angie still feels herself a part of of Hip-Hop or in any way distant from this new-school or music. Well, she’ll always be Hip-Hop in my books. Saddest part is wondering if I’ll every get my Angie sit down. Angie needs a radio show, for real  😉 

Dear Angie, if I could go contigo, I’d pack my bags.

Best wishes. Xo

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