Twitter Beef: @AzeliaBanks v. @TIP

Written by Ella

Celebs are real people… Azelia should have known that TI and Tiny Harris are a couple of the realest of them. Maybe it’s because I’m a TI fan, or maybe it’s because TI seems to refuse to stop carrying fire arms, but I don’t think I would ever go at that man — and never at his family. 

Azelia Banks released a couple of subliminal tweets in response to TI’s new single “No Medicore” taking shots at Tiny. But.. Ms. Bank also deleted them all. Hmm… 

While Tiny took it lightly, her husband did not and ended up threatening her life (please excuse me while I LOL). Do we think celebs should be better at staying off the airwaves? Did TI have a right to respond. Does Azelia have a right to comment on TI’s wife (instead of the song itself)? The internet seems to think little of Azelia Banks, frequently misspelling her name – a testament to “Who does she thinks she is?”

       Yikes… being a celeb can’t be easy… or maybe it can be. My homegirl just had an exchange with Jhene Aiko I didn’t expect. Maybe some folks are getting paid too many dollars and have nothing to do. Maybe we’re looking towards a new reality TV show series: “Celebrities With Better Sh*t to Do.”

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