Model/Actor: @Frankito2_0

Written by Brittany Shawnté

I’m blessed to be able to share with you all these amazing spotlights of talented artists, designers, producers, and more! I get more and more requests every month, and it blows me away! As always, if you are interested in featuring your work (or your client’s work) onThe Spotlight, feel free to email me! 

Today we have on the blog, model/actor Frankito Arias! Frankito is relatively new to the industry, and was introduced to acting and modeling back in 2011 by his current manager, Tahyira Savanna. “The truth is, it was just something fun to do and she thought I had real skill.” The duo were both new to their jobs—Frankito to acting and modeling and Tahyira to managing—but they gave it a shot anyway. “The response was so good, we started to take it more seriously and now that I have had a taste of what it is I found my true path,” the actor admitted.

      Born in Yonkers, NY, but raised in Brooklyn, Frankito admitted that the “grind go-hard mentality” of the city helps motivate him to be great. “They say if you can make it here you can make it anywhere so I give it my all,” the model said. “I come from immigrants—my entire family is from the Dominican Republic. It is a poor place with little opportunity. I want to make a difference over there as well,” he added.

Inspired by Jim Carrey, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Denzel Washington, whom Frankito believes have all been able to bring various characters to life on the screen, the actor has already started developing his portfolio and building up his experience. He’s played characters in several short films, as well as posed for a variety of photo shoots. Two of his favorite projects that he’s done so far is his work on Discovery ID’s Deadly Affairs, as well as an action shoot he did on the Coney Island Boardwalk during his first year as a model.  

      Most recently, the actor started a monologue series on YouTube, doing famous monologues from movies to showcase his skills. “My manager and I talked and we figured, since I am still building my resume and I have never had professional coaching, it would be cool to film monologues and release them via my channel,” Frankito said of the idea. “I can get more practice, it helps me for cold readings during auditions, and I get to keep my craft active which is always the most important thing.” He chose the Joker from The Dark Knight (famously played by the lateHeath Ledger) because it was difficult and challenging. He also chose Bryan Mills from Taken(played by Liam Neeson), which utlizied a prop for a phone scene, which he wanted to get experience using. Sometimes, in order to break into the industry you love, you have to come up with creative ideas to get yourself noticed and build up your resume (I know that for myself….that’s how Spotlight came to be in the first place!)

Currently, Frankito’s main focus is finding an agent both in New York and Los Angeles, continuing to audition on both the East and West Coasts. His drive is what he feels like separates him from other actors and models. “I will make it, and I will not stop until I do,” he said adamantly, stressing the importance of also having a team behind him to make it. He and his manager are on constant grind mode to make his dreams for his career come true, and Frankito definitely has major dreams to keep him motivated. “I would love to own my own production company one day,” the actor said, currently writing scripts in his spare time and developing story ideas for both film and TV. “I want to star in great projects, meet and learn from awesome people, and continue to inspire others to chase their dreams—no matter what kind of dream it is.” Go get it! Frankito is certainly ambitious and hardworking, and has the talent to reach his goals!

Check out more from Frankito on his online portfolio as well as his official website

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