Singer: @SuperJay405

Written by Brittany Shawnté

Excited to have quite a few new spotlights in the works, so be on the lookout for those in the coming months! As always, singers, rappers, publicists, etc. email me with any amazing work you would like to be featured on The Spotlight!

A few weeks back, I featured music from upcoming singer, Super Jay! His track, “Yo Body,” was sexy and smooth, and perfect for radio! I wanted to feature a little bit more about him to give you guys a good look into who this great artist is! Often compared toTrey Songz because of his sultry vocals, Super Jay is a triple threat previously opening up for Trey Songz, and J. Holiday, and already embarked on his own “All of Me” tour that began April 4, 2014 in Ardmore, OK.

The singer actually got his start singing in church, but as he got older, he stopped. “By the time I hit
puberty, I stopped singing because I didn’t like my voice,” Super Jay admitted. “The summer before I started high school, I started rapping and making beats with a few of my friends and that’s where it all started.” He didn’t get back into singing again until his junior year. Though he felt he wasn’t very good and didn’t get support from those around him, he made up his mind that that’s what he wanted to do.

Inspired by artists like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Usher, Ludacris, and Mario, he was inspired to work towards being a talented singer and smooth performer and bring his music to life for audiences to be inspired by! He dropped hit singles, “On the Set” and “Drunk Text” both debuting on YouTube and other top media outlets that earned him thousands of hits, views and popularity. He has also garnered the attention of major media outlets such as Complex andEssence Magazines.

His latest single, “Yo Body” was inspired by a past relationship. “[It} came from a girl that I was with that would put on a front like she didn’t want me to touch her but would go along with it after I did,” Super Jay said of the track. “I guess she likes making it a challenge!” He co-produced the track with The Fam, who is also responsible for production of Drake’s track, “Draft Day.” Check it out again below!

As an artist, Super Jay loves hitting the stage for his fans! “It’s like a drug that never gets old,” he said. “I’ve performed more times than I can remember but I still get nervous every time. Not because I’m afraid but because I’m trying to do better than the time before. I love my fans and I want to give a good show.” Currently, he’s writing and producing for a few other artists, not putting himself in a box, but reaching out to various genres including rap, R&B, and hip hop, but also pop, rock n’ roll, and country! No limits to this artist! Super Jay has dreams of becoming a “worldwide music sensation,” as well as helping the youth and fellow artists reach their dreams.

Super Jay is definitely very talented and ambitious. With his hard work and determination, he’s sure to go far! You can connect with Super Jay on Twitter and Instagram, and check out more of his music on SoundCloud! For bookings and inquiries, please contact The Latham-Capital Group at (769) 798-4439 or Charli Holbrook at

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