“Yo Body” by @SuperJay405

Written by: Brittany Shawnté

Excited to have some new music up! As always, singers, rappers, publicists, etc.email me with any amazing work you would like to be featured on The Spotlight

John Kendrick, or better known as Super Jay, is the epitome of a multifaceted artist. Often compared to Trey Songz because of his sultry vocals, Super Jay is a triple threat previously opening up for Trey Songz, J. Holiday, and is currently on his own “All of Me” tour that began April 4, 2014 in Ardmore, OK.

Beginning his career in Oklahoma City, OK, he dropped hit singles, “On the Set” and “Drunk Text” both debuting on YouTube and other top media outlets that earned him thousands of hits, views and popularity which has since put him on the industry’s market to be one of R&B music’s hottest singers. Not to mention, this 24 year old is a self-taught singer, writer and producer bringing an infectious and almost hypnotic sound to virtually every track he blesses. Harboring a truly unique and soulful voice that everyone can appreciate and admire while possessing a look and image that makes guys jealous and drives the ladies wild. He has also garnered the attention of major media outlets such as Complex and Essence Magazines.

Super Jay’s latest single “Yo Body”, produced by The Fam (producers of Drake’s “Draft Day” single), has been described in a variety of ways including: “Pretty cool song… should get radio play.”, ” I think it’s a cool track, good for radio.”, “Love the record, it’s a hit.”, “HOT!”, and “This song is fire.”

Check out the sultry track below!

“‘Yo Body” tells a story that most people can identify with,” Super Jay explains. “We’ve all had that one person we have been in love with but they doesn’t seem interested in but they are is still coming around you. So you explain to that person how you really feel.”

I LOVE this song! No exaggeration at all! It’s sexy and smooth, and is definitely a hit. Like the different reviews, this track would be perfect for radio. It’s catchy and not oversexual for the air. I’ll be featuring Super Jay on the blog soon, so be on the lookout for that!

You can connect with Super Jay on Twitter and Instagram, and check out more of his music on SoundCloud! For bookings and inquiries, please contact The Latham-Capital Group at (769) 798-4439 or Charli Holbrook at charli@pslovecharli.com.

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