Artist: @IamJproD

Written by: Brittany Shawnté

Another spotlight! My goal is to feature as many artists as I possibly can this year (I have a set number but I’m hoping to exceed it!). As always, if you would like your work to be featured on The Spotlight, email me and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Today, we have JproD (Jeopardy). Born in New Bedford, MA and raised in Bristol, CT, this bold artist recalls wanting to create music at the age of five! “Most of my childhood memories involve music,” he recalled. “Whether it was driving to my grandparents’ house with my mom, singing Mariah Carey or sitting behind the couch with a yellow Walkman, bumping “Mama Said Knock You Out.” At nine, he remembers writing emails to record labels asking them for a record deal. At that young of an age, J.Prod KNEW that he was going to be involved in the music industry in some way. However, it wasn’t until his senior year of high school that he gathered up enough confidence to pursue his music as a true artist. “There was a new teacher at my school. Never had him as a teacher, just kind of found myself in his classroom,” he recalls. “Long story short, he happened to be a former independent record label owner and he gave me the scoop. He also let me borrow his laptop and keyboard to make beats and record.” From then on, it was all about the music.

Growing up, JproD learned to be very independent, and enjoyed doing things on his own. “With my mom at work and busy with two other kids, I got to be alone a lot,” he said. His alone time clearly gives him time to think and creatively express himself in the music. “I put a lot of my real thoughts onto each song. I speak from the point of view of someone figuring out life on their own as they go,” the artist expressed. JproD admitted that he was somewhat of an outcast growing up, but didn’t care what people thought of him. “I did what I thought was cool. I never tried to be cool,” he said. “I don’t try to be cool in my music. Could care less about your opinion. You don’t feed me. You don’t tuck me in at night,” he laughed.

More of JproD’s unfiltered thoughts can be heard on his upcoming mixtape, Regal, which will be hosted by JoJo Simmons. “I have been driving a 98′ Buick Regal for about 3 years now. It has been the most consistent thing in my life for those 3 years,” he said. “[It] felt right, to talk about my past few years and call the project Regal. [It’s a] reflection of me in a way.” The artist declared that listeners will be moved to reflect on their own life through the project, and will be able to feel “the connection between art and life.” He continued, “They can look forward to a new sound. It won’t be the same old bullsh*t they have been force feeding you.” The mixtape should be released sometime this summer.

In terms of his future in music, JproD wants to start playing instruments himself, as well as heading out on tour. However, he’s clearly focused on the music, and not the recognition. “All I care about is having genuine lyrics, attention grabbing hooks, [and] creating my own sound, “ he said. “I do what I think is dope. I would make music even if no one was listening, same way Mozart would play the piano alone at night.”

I definitely have a lot of respect for anyone who goes against the norm, and puts their all into what they want out of their work! JproD is definitely one of those artists! You can connect with him on Twitter and check out his website as well for more info.

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