Are you a “Boss” or just “Bossy”?

Written by Ella

           I love this campaign Bey is a part of, especially because she’s teamed up with such a powerful cast: Condoleeza Rice, Jennifer Garner, Jane LynchDiane Von Furstenberg and Sheryl Sandberg. Reason being, most folks opinion is that women can’t get along – much less powerful women.  Bey’s been attacked by everyone lately after the release of her latest project (self-titled, Beyoncé) because of it’s blatant yet subliminal sexuality, which she released to take a stand for women’s social equality. Sex is just one of the places where women are subject to a double standard. A woman who has too much sex is a whore, but a man who has too much sex is a… man. On the corporate front, women are often perceived as weak and emotional. If we happen to be too strong, hold our heads too high and speak too loudly, we’re then characterized as “bossy”. If you’re a Black woman, they’ll probably assume you’re angry. Can women be a regular, effective and great bosses, like men are excepted to be?

          In my opinion, the best definition for “boss”, has (not so ironically) come from the self-proclaimed Boss of all Bosses, Rick Ross. “A boss is one who guarantee we gone eat,”  he explains with his featured 16 on Meek Mill’s I’m a Boss. The mere fact that Ross is on the track actually makes the song, and I do believe it’s Meek’s best release yet. In my opinion, a boss is a person who increases your chances of being profitable. A boss is a person who makes things happen and who (in Beyoncé’s case) can be brought along to compliment the deal. A boss can, will and does upgrade you. 

        Nowadays tho, “boss” is stitched onto far too many t-shirts and snap-back caps. Everyone is a boss (I don’t really even care about the gender-specific conversation), but there are few people who embody the true characteristic: Leadership. Meek Mill started the best song of his career with “I be riding through my old hood, but I’m in my new whip,” and some folks have taken that as the ceiling of success. I myself have driven through my old hood, in my new whip and I must admit, it feels as good as it sounds. My disappointment with most successful people (or the goals I’ve heard of people chasing dreams) lies in Mill’s next line: Same old attitude. See me never do shit. There are so many people who count success with digits, but they have no overall effect on the world. A true boss is a leader.

        With every step I take and venture I begin, I sit and think about the message I’m putting forth to generations to come. My first quarter century on this earth has been challenging to say the least. Like my own idol, Jay-Z said in Sweet , “Couple mistakes here and there, not always right. But I always keep it real, that’s how I sleep at night.” In the entire song, Jay-Z speaks about leaving footprints for his nephews.

If I would have grew up to be a doctor, my nephew would have grew up to do the same
But since I grew up through the game, and my influence is the same
And my therapy is music, they ask if you ashamed
And though I wish I could separate, two things,
I cannot, so my answer to you remains
I can walk down the hall or mirrors, in Versailles
And be so satisfied when I look a myself in the eyes
No shame, no sir, just big boats and tearing the coast up

      You see, it’s more than just making money –even thought that’s a part of it. We all want to be profitable. To be successful and never have to worry about what we can afford to eat for dinner. But what are you doing for the world? How will you make a difference? What story will be left of you? Quite honestly, that’s the whole point of this site here. So that when myself and my fellow writers become exactly who we are meant to be, you can come back here and see the steps we took. Lately, I’ve been trying to understand our purpose in the world (ASK ELLA: How Do I Find my Purpose) and I’ve truly been trying to live my life in the best possible way to answer my own questions and give you that information. First off, I  figure out these things: how to believe in destiny, how to capitalize on opportunities, how to decide what’s right, and (most importantly for me) how to stay cool through it all.

     The most disgusting things in the world are greed and selfishness. I simply don’t agree. I believe that it’s our obligation –as citizens of this earth — to make it a better place any way we can. We should be considerate of the examples we leave. We should try to reach out to people to help bring them up. Perhaps that’s difficult because the human race is, indeed, one huge competition. But… that’s where being a real boss comes in. You’ve gained that position because you are the best at what you do? What are you to fear? And if someone happens to challenge your greatness, well… that’s better for the world. Perhaps you should partner up and then the benefit would be for both of you.

So… go head. Ban “bossy”. I don’t mind banning “boss,” too. We should aspire to become leaders.

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