Singer: Gemini Wired


Hey everyone! Another spotlight for you! (As always, email me if you are or represent an artist, designer, producer, etc., and would like to feature your work on the blog!) Today on The Spotlight, we have pop singer Gemini Wired!

Raised in Middleboro, Massachusetts, Gemini is the eldest of three children raised by a single mother. Her desire for the spotlight was evident at a young age, and her mom consistently put her in dance classes and talent shows. At a young age she yearned for the limelight, which led to her mom putting her in dance classes and any upcoming talent shows. Inspired then by the Spice Girls, Aaliyah, and Missy Elliott, Gemini made the decision at the age of 10 to focus on singing rather than dancing.

At age 15, the singer moved to Boston to live with her father. There, she began modeling, but the audition processes eventually turned her off from the business. She stayed with her father for a little over a year, but was forced to leave, facing the dilemma of finding a place to live while still in high school! In spite of her setbacks, Gemini finished high school and received a scholarship to Northeastern University! During her sophomore year, she refocused on her music, recording music with a close friend. The opportunity allowed her to experience singing background vocals and learning about song production. It also opened the door for Gemini to work with production team Lyve City, who she has collaborated with on a few projects.  

Gemini has really come into her own as an artist, choosing to go into pop music behind influences like the Black Eyed Peas, MIA, and Rihanna. She chose her stage name because she actually is a Gemini, and that term represents having several sides, which can be said the same of her music. “Wired” represents her high energy and crazy side!

Now, the singer is working on finishing up her EP and has kicked off her anti bullying campaign with her music video “What Now.” The video brings to light the very serious issue of bullying, even using real-life clips of kids who have faced this problem with their own classmates. It was released back in October 2013, with production on the track from Lyve City.

Gemini said of the video:

“I myself have been bullied in the past. I’ve always been an advocate even as a kid. Bullying hurts, and it can make you severely depressed. Nobody deserves to be made fun of, picked on, or beat up because of who they are. I know exactly how much more it can hurt mentally than it can physically at times. I believe it?s crucial to report it whenever we see it occur before it becomes worse. If we can prevent by doing so it?s always a win for the potential victims. 

“The message behind my video “What Now” is to encourage everyone to go for whatever you believe in no matter how many times others may put you down or try to get in your way. We won?t let them. These bullies cannot beat us. My video also represents the consequences for people hurting others and how it always goes back to karma. I want my ?What Now? song & video to inspire as many people as possible. There’s kids that have so much to offer and don?t know it because they want to hide their talents or intelligence. I don?t want them to be ashamed anymore. I want them to know people like myself and all these organizations have their backs. “What Now!”

Check out the video below!

BULLYING IS UNACCEPTABLE, and I hope that stronger guidelines and laws are established and enforced. I think it’s great that Gemini is an advocate against bullying, and is using music to reach youth. She’s a talented artist, and I’m sure there will be more great things to come for her!

You can check out more from Gemini on her official website and SoundCloud, as well as follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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