“Summer Sisters” by Judy Blume


By Ella

Plain and simply: it’s about love. For everyone. In the worst moments. It’s about finding love for those who hurt you while loving yourself. It’s about understanding the difference between yourself & others. Between those who love you now and those who will love you later. It took me a little to get thought this book, but in the end, I LOVED it.

      Caitlin Sommers & Victoria are  BEST friends. But what does that mean, really? This book is an easy, steady read as you follow the two girls from middle school through to the rest of their lives–through marriage & divorce even in a well-paces 301 pages. The most fascinating things bout this book is that you, as the reader, know MOST of what is taking place in each of the character’s lives, yet you’re surprised continuously as the story continues. You get insight to their actual thoughts, so as they’re trying to figure out how everyone around them feels, you already know the deal. The FACT that Caitlin and Victoria are COMPLETE opposites never escapes us. You know from the beginning that the friendship will end in a way only a storyteller can dream up, but the ending is all worth it.


      Caitlin –well off, sexy & spontaneous– befriends Victoria –intelligent, strong  and reserved– and shows her the ropes. They spend every summer together & in that time, Victoria learns. She learns how to be “sexier” and simply how to live life. She  exposes Victoria to her very own body, calling the sensation between their legs “The Power” and insisting the keep the secret to themselves. They even take the NBO pact: Never Be Ordinary. Victoria  learns so much more from Caitlin than Caitlin is aware of. Meanwhile, in hopes to satiate her desire for pass ate love, Caitlin lives a full and disastrous life –enjoying and abusing men across the globe, claiming that the “best way to learn a language is to fuck interesting people (p205).”

      Over the course of this book, you simply question. You have faith in Victoria but love for Caitlin. You wonder where their lives will you. You wonder how strong their friendship actually is. You wonder who loves who more. but you wonder these things simultaneously with the characters as they go through their rough patches and flip coins between acceptance or abandonment — choices we’re begged to make in our own daily lives. In the end, you question your own friendships. The decisions you’ve made. You gauge levels of love. Levels of trust. Summer Sisters is simply a fictional tale about the truths of friendship. About how you never really know. About how people lie. About how you have to love each other through your bad decisions. About how sometimes the man you love “is like all others, following his pointer through life (p276).”

       I didn’t think this book was going to end like it did. (Nor did I expect such entertainment from Judy Blume, but then again…) Neither did the characters in it. If you want to know what happens, I suggest you pick up a copy. there’s nothing but hot guys, questions of morality & entertaining offensive language (I’m always up for that!).


Get your #TeamSexyBrain on & pick up a book.


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