Pop-Rock Artist: Eric Zayne


Written by Brittany Shawnté   

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     Raised in the city of Montreal, Eric Zayne got his start with music around 13 years old, playing in various bands around his hometown. His first big gig was a five year tour across Asia, where he played keyboard, guitar, and sang with a funk band. Huge deal! It was these years that taught him about songwriting, performing, and connecting with audiences, all qualities that a true artist should have.

       Inspired by artists like Prince, the Beatles and Maroon 5, Eric journeyed on to the Los Angeles music scene in February 2013. That summer, he toured throughout California, promoting his singles “Spin The World,” & “Maneater,” while simultaneously recording and producing his first EP, “Between Us.” Listen to the project below!

      Up next for the musician is his mixtape, “AutobiograMe,” which will be released on March 10, 2014! The project features collaborations with Matisyahu, Amber Riley from Glee (you KNOW I have to hear that!), Rozzi Crane, and King Blaise.”I’m so excited and proud about this mixtape. I feel like I’m getting closer to the truth of me as an artist and it really shows in my songwriting,” Eric said of the project. “The subjects are very personal and the lyrics are more honest than I’ve ever been. That has a lot of value to me.”

       Eric recently won the John Lennon Songwriting contest, as well as performed at the Sundance Film Festival Music showcase as well as a party for the Grammys! He’s continuing to tour and create videos, which has him on a very busy schedule, but an exciting one nonetheless. “Lately all the seeds I have been planting are starting to sprout. It’s magical!” the artist admitted. “To follow your instinct takes courage because the time it takes for that dream to manifest can create doubts. But it’s manifesting now and it’s amazing to watch.”

         Eric holds on to his dreams and excitement for his career, working to have a positive impact. “Once I worked with a radio team that was trying to get my song on the air. I wanted to share something unique and special,” Eric recalled. “They told me that this industry was a “job” and that I shouldn’t have hopes to be ‘different.’ That was terrible advice. What’s the point in living if it’s not to affect change in a positive way? At least that’s how I wanna live my life!” he said. The artist credited his oldest brother Idan as one who gave him the greatest advice, not only for his career, but for life in general. “He said, ‘Eric…You’re blessed. Be blessed with a smile, not with worry.” the musician said. Very great advice that we can all live by!

Be sure to follow Eric on Facebook and Twitter, and check out more about him and his music on his record label websiteSoundCloud and YouTube!

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