#Lipfit2 : Up The Amp

Hello all!!! This is the second post from my #LipFit series 🙂 If you are not familiar with what #LipFit is, it is a new segment that I have created where I discuss some of my favorite lipsticks and lipstick/ lip gloss combinations. Obvi by the title this post will be about MAC’s “Up the Amp” Lipstick ^_^

In the following pictures I only have Up the Amp on my lips without any lip liner or lip gloss so that you can see the color in it’s purest form. (In case you were wondering what lashes I have on, they are from the Ri Ri Hearts MAC collection #35 lashes)

Picture taken with flash.

Picture taken without flash.

Up the Amp is an amplified creme lipstick. Amplified creme lipsticks are highly pigmented and this lipstick certainly does not disappoint! MAC describes this lipstick shade as a “lavender violet.” I find that the color changes depending on how much of it you apply. It also changes depending on your complexion. I typically fill my lips in without using a lip liner and without lip gloss since the creaminess of this lipstick gives a shine to your lips anyway.

Picture from MAC’s website

This lipstick can be worn during any season, but I think it looks super pretty during the spring/ summer. If you want to darken the color up a little bit for fall/winter, you can apply a grape colored lip liner like NYX’s lip liner in “Purple Rain.”

Picture from NYX’s website

This lipstick looks good on a lot of skin tones, so don’t be afraid to experiment with this color! If you are unsure of how it will look on you, then you can always go to your nearest MAC counter and ask one of the makeup artist to apply it to your lips and go from there.

As with the majority of MAC lipsticks, this one retails for $15. If you are interested in ordering online then click 


. A good dupe that I have seen for Up the Amp is Revlon’s Berry Haute found 



I hope you all have been enjoying my #LipFit series!!! Would you rock this color? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

-XoXo Li Li 

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2 thoughts on “#Lipfit2 : Up The Amp

  1. Hi LiLi Bee, because of your looks, I have been experimenting with lip color. Usually I wear clear, or a natural lip but lately, I have been trying something different. To answer your question, YES, I would rock this!


  2. That's great! I'm glad I could inspire you to experiment with color! I'm also happy to hear that you would wear this look! It's great for an evening out and works really well with a lot of skin tones. If you decide to try this look let me know how it goes! -XoXo Li Li


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