Green juice and go to salad jar


By Pamela Fung

Need an inexpensive way to transport all those juices and greens ? Mason jars ! These things are great ! Secure enough for liquids such as my morning shake or green juice and I can fit all contents of my salad in it while keeping it fresh and not soggy.

The picture is of one of my recipes for a green juice, which helps me get all my veggies in daily and is super refreshing. The other item is my salad which I usually have for lunch.

Recipe for the green juice :

Half a cucumber

3 slices of pineapple

3 huge kale leaves

Couple icecubes

1 cup of water

Put all in blender and it’s ready to drink 🙂

Salad  :

1. Place your dressing in the jar first

2. Next your toppings (cheeses , ham , chicken , eggs)

3. Your greens or peppers and tomatoes

What’s so great about the mason jar is that it keeps your whole salad in one container without it getting soggy. Definently my new way of packing up my salads .

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